Jason Elkin

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

Jason Elkin is a very successful media executive with a demonstrated track record of over 30 years in all aspects of the television industry. His well-rounded expertise in all areas of television station and network management, as well as his prior experience in program syndication and origination, has been the basis for an exceptionally successful career directing stations to solid and significant increases in revenue and ratings.
New Vision Television, was launched by Mr. Elkin as a different kind of broadcast acquisition and management Company in 1993, focused on broadcast asset improvement and creating significant returns for investors.
This was to be the first group of many stations that New Vision would own or manage over the next 15 years.

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CTN Media Television, a publicly held company, Jason took what was essentially a video jukebox and built it into a direct satellite network for colleges and universities. He formed strong relationships with CNN and NBC, providing invaluable benefit to the network and its programming. In four years, Jason increased member colleges from 60 to over 800, generating a weekly audience of nearly 10 million Nielsen measured 18-24 year old viewers through a total of 1,800 university and college locations. Mr. Elkin sold CTN to Viacom in 2002, and the network and business model that he created continues to successfully grow today, operating as part of the MTV group of networks, MTVU.

Previous to New Vision Mr. Elkin held a variety of executive positions with Taft, Ziff Davis and Clear Channel among others.

Today Mr. Elkin’s focus is on New Vision 3. New Vision owns or operates sixteen television stations in large and medium markets with geographic and network diversity.